2019 LIVE! Music, Performances

Downtown Block Party CANCELED July 18, 2020

Our 2019 lineup was ROCKIN’. It included our very own Nick Mardon Trio, Jayleigh Ann and the Lost Boys, Dylan Jakobsen, Tayla Lynn, Sweetkiss Momma and The Hipsters, ending the night with Ayron Jones and Iron Dragon.

Block Party opened at noon with exciting performances from local talent: Ignite Dance, Cascade Dance  and the Mt Si Wildcats Dance Team!

Check back for details in February about the 2021 Downtown Block Party lineup. 

Iron Dragon, BP 2019-06
Jayleigh Ann and the Lost Boys, BP 2019-02
Iron Dragon, BP 2019-02
Nick Mardon Trio, BP 2019-02
Ayron Jones, BP 2019-

Artist & Performance Bios

Iron Dragon

Iron Dragon is 80s rock done right! As your Block Party headliner, get ready for a superb performance from Seattle’s popular hair band cover act. Get ready for Ratt, Whitesnake, Def Leppard, Motley Crue, Metallica, Iron Maiden and more! 

Ayron Jones

Ayron Jones is coming to town! Originally from Seattle, his star began rising after the release of his album, Audio Paint Job in 2017. Get ready for the Block Party ground to shake with his “fiery blues licks and booming hip-hop vibes!”

Nick Mardon Trio

Nick Mardon, North Bend's
very own incredibly talented musician, teacher and
performer will be bringing you a soulful blend of blues,
pop, jazz and funk with the Nick Mardon Trio on July 20.
Get ready to MOVE!

Tayla Lynn Trio

"Tayla Lynn’s life could be a country song, which is no surprise considering she was born into the country music dynasty created by her grandmother, Loretta Lynn." This talented artist is traveling all the way from Tennessee to Block Party!

Dylan Jakobsen

Dylan Jakobsen's love of country music stemmed from artists like Church, Stapleton and Petty whose lyrics helped him find his voice as a writer and shape his career. Named “One of 10 New Country Artists to Watch” by The Boot, come see Dylan, an artist with a story 25 years in the making!

The Hipsters

The Hipsters are a North Bend-loving, talented band, originally from Renton. These guys bring with them solid dance rock, everything from The Killers, The Kings of Leon, Greenday, Tonic, The Black Keys, Adele, Radiohead, Weezer, Muse, Cage the Elephant, The Cure, Blink 182, Harvey Danger, The Raconteurs, Alice in Chains, BuckCherry, Duran Duran and more!

Sweetkiss Momma

Sweetkiss Momma is straight from the heart of the great Northwest” (our neighbors, Puyallup). Known for their high energy performances, Sweetkiss Momma is "Roots," "Southern" rock band!

Jayleigh Ann and the Lost Boys

Jayleigh Ann and the Lost Boys "blend energetic acoustic
guitar, ukulele, keyboard and percussion with powerful, soulful vocals.” A talented, accomplished young band from Yakima!

Ignite Dance

Ignite Dance represents the community at local and National dance competitions, and is known for outstanding, classy choreography (not to mention, wonderful summer camps for kids of all ages and skill). See them perform at Block Party, and get blown away by their always fresh, new performances!

Cascade Dance

Cascade Dance Academy offers pre-professional training to aspiring dancers and recreational students. alike.  They enthusiastically share the art of dance, Ballet to Broadway!


DMW Martial Arts helps to develop coordination, physical fitness, mental strength in kids and adults, as well as helping kids gain valuable social skills. Their Block Party performance will be both fun and awe-inspiring!

Mt Si Wildcats

The Mt Si Wildcats Dance Team is a hardworking group of teens, who build school spirit with football and basketball halftime performances, community engagements, and dance competitions across the state and nation!